NOBO Day 94 Mt Shasta to Indian Spring Stream 10 kms

The complaints are to keep coming. This morning we could hardly walk to the bathroom. Both Ollie and I have very Renee toes. Maybe it’s the consistent large miles, most likely it is, yes mum and dad I can hear you agreeing, and maybe it’s ill fitting shoes. We hobbled to an unexciting breakfast and drank hot coffee to soothe our ailments. Back in the hotel room our friends Io, Butcher, and Fly Trap tribes. Butcher took a shower and we watched crappy tv. Eventually around 12 we checked out and headed into town to do laundry, resupply, and gear switching. On our ways to Rays we stopped in a some crystal shops. Mt Shasta has an alternative vibe and Ollie was given a vague explanation of the power of crystal healing from a local shop owner. We were also approached by Trey, a traveller, he had icey blue eyes and told us he was addicted to meeting awesome people. He also wanted to bum a cigaret (which we didn’t have), and got distracted by some other travellers as we finished crossing the road. We ate a Big Bear Diner, the omelettes are okay and met the others back at a gear store ready to head back out to trail at 5. Yeti, Fly Traps partner had arrived back from summiting Mt Shasta and we caught up on their adventures while we waited for Tony to pick us up.

Back on trail the beautiful vistas and fun company lifted my spirits. The trail creeps through the forest and gives you glimpses of a spectacular mountain range. Huge, severe granite wedges reach for the heavens. Blue sky is ci tasted with grey rock and white clouds match the smatterings of snow. Below in the pines and Manzanita we were shaded from the heat which was lucky as we climbed quite steadily to our camp. 

Camp was by a stream, I was bitten by a hornet on my forehead, we cooked tortellini with tuna, tomatoes, avocados and cheese. 


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