NOBO Day 95 Indian Spring to Porcupine Lake 40 kms

We had endeavoured to leave camp around 5.39, but instead we headed out at 7. 8 sweaty miles later we had done the majority of our climb for the day, and we’re ready for breakfast. Under a large oak we had coffee and food. Sat up against its trunk I could see down into the forest from where we had come and though my feet ached I was ready for the day. The scenery from the mornings walk had been incredible. The same mountain range from the day before was lit up by the morning light and the landscape was illuminated. The others, albeit Io (who had left at 5 am) arrived and we set off for another 8 miles. We came to the peak of our climb and walked along a reptilian like ridge line. The trail turned into a donkey path and we walked over rocky ground which hurts tender feet. We looked out into the valley below and found Io lunching under a tree. We walked to the saddle and end of the ridge and pulled up under a large pine for lunch. Befriended by local bees we ate and chatted. Eventually we put our packs on and finished off the last miles of the day. This was a beautiful walk to a beautiful lake. The granite boulders and wild flowers glistened into long afternoon sun, and the pines were scattered in such a way that there was enough shade but also room for other plants to grow. We took the turn off to Porcupine Lake and found a number of other hikers enjoying the water. Everyone immediately jumped into the lake. Bodies were washed as were clothes. We sat on the lakes edge chatting until it was time to start a fire and eat.


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