NOBO Day 100 Mt Shasta to Cub Bear Spring 10.5 kms 

Waking early in the dark motel room, ready for a day of organising and walking late into the evening I knew I needed coffee stat. It would be at least 2 hours until I had the dark nectar coursing through my vines, but I’m used to that now. 

We left our packs in the room and walked to Rays to finish off our resupply. I seem to have stocked up on a huge amount of food for the next 6 days and have filled two bags. We stopped in at the Black Bear Diner for coffee and food, ate ur fillabd continued on with the mornings chores. Ollie dropped our stuff back in the room while I tried on my new La Sportiva Wild Cats. Soft on top, grey in colour, gendered mens, wild a good sole and nice support I hope I’ve found my shoes. The blisters I’ve had are slowly healing and bearable to place pressure on, and hopefully these shoes will help with the pain I’ve had in the ball and toes of my left foot. 

Smokey haze

Afterward, I went on a hunt for tape for my feet, found some stuff that you paint onto your blisters and checked out of the travel inn. We sent packages ahead, including my new clothes and a whole bunch of stuff I’ve relinquished in order to carry this extra food. This includes my fleece, thermal sleeping bag linener, camera charger, and some gloves. It’s all pretty heavy actually but my pack still feels like it’s full of rocks. I should mention that compared to almost all the other hikers my pack is not only the oldest (I’ve had it since I was 14), but it’s also the largest and thus the heaviest and also most durable. While UL gear is great it’s also flimsy, kind of like new cars and lots of new stuff. Made for right now but never forever. I love my pack regardless of it’s shitty storage pockets (that don’t exist), it’s weight proportions and it’s outdated look. 

Anyway, we sat around at the Shasta Base Camp store until our bus arrived at 1.30. The first bus was small and hot. Again we felt bus sick, and both feel asleep. The other passengers were interesting sorts. It seemed to take forever to arrive at Walmart in a neighbouring town where we transferred to a larger and air conditioned bus which took us the remainder of the way, again the passengers where dubious in nature. We headed back to the Hicker hut quickly and had Lion Heart, a hiker come volunteer take us up to the trail. Into the late afternoon we walked until I insisted we stop around 7.45 pm. We had done only 7 miles but I hate walking late and promised we would make up for it tomorrow. My shoes feel good, I’ve still the same pain in my left ball and toes. Our camp site is above a spring which has only the finest trickle left in it. Ollie had started a fire and it feels good to be back on trail.

New kicks, ready to rumble


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