NOBO Day 99 Etna to Shasta – 0 kms

Today I woke thinking we would spend the day in Etna, however the day has panned out differently, and Ollie and I find ourselves in a dingy motel room, eating vegan lasagne and a salad I’ve composed out of a plastic bag on the bed. We are here to swap out our gear. Ollie needs new walking poles, one of his broke, and i am onto my 6th pair of shoes. To be fair 5th excluding the shoes I used (and loved) for the Sierra. Needless to say I’ve suffered greatly with feet issues during the PCT. Long toes and slender feet don’t seem to fare well in thru hiking. 

This morning began with breakfast at a cute coffee spot in Etna, then i migrated a few doors up to a double fronted second hand store. Here I spent time trying on all kinds of non hiker clothes and when I left at least an hour later I had not one, but two dresses, and a teal coloured, velvet onsie. It has a diamanté belt buckle and is a tight squeeze. I knew I had to have it when the shop keeper stopped in her tracks and said “oh my god, look at you”…I was further motivated when she said it cost only $4!!! Ollie has also found a striped, mainly maroon and blue cord shirt he feels reduced his safari look and brings out his city style. I wore my denim shift dress (from the children’s rack) and together we are somewhat quite transformed from our hiker trash attire. We knew we had to get a ride to Shasta somehow and when in the late afternoon one of the hikers friends said he was driving past Shasta we decided to take the ride. The conversation in the car revolved a lot around dating and weird experiences the boys had had with girls. It was hot and we felt car sick. It feels weird heading backwards and on arriving in Shasta again I wasn’t feel particularly excited. Doing this mission means we will be splitting up from many of the friends we have made recently and who knows when we will see them again. We arrived at 6, just as the gear shop was closing and so decided to head back in the morning. I grabbed us some healthy dinner from the organic grocer, and did a quick resupply. Hopefully tonight we will have a good rest at the Travel Inn. 

On the bus back to Etna. Wrong day but don’t have any other photos


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