NOBO Day 104 m 1684.7 to m 1707.3 – 36 kms

Token boarder crossing shot

Wildflowers, wildflowers, wildflowers rule my world. Today has been really great! Firstly we crossed the border into Oregon! Secondly, there was an abundance of wildflowers like never before (details to come). Thirdly, I experienced hardly any foot pain. Ollie on the other hand is hurting quite a lot and we cut our day a few miles short and will Nero in Ashland tomorrow to try and help him recover. 

Morning meadow

Today was beautiful. Truly for the first time I felt in love with this landscape. In the morning we walked out of a pine forest and into a small valley. Long grass filled the meadow, morning light reflected off the the yellow stalks and the sun hid like a shy child behind the pines. Two deer crossed further up the hill and small wildflowers spread out among the grass. We walked for another 4.5 miles after the boarder crossing and did a total of 9 miles before breakfast. 

Crossing into Oregon celebrations

At breakfast we met Rocky, he is doing a section of trail SOBO and had freight train hopped his way across the country. On the journey he burnt his back sitting in the sun for hours and was taking a zero to allow it to heal. I have him some aloe vera I had, he made me an aero press coffee and we chatted trail with him while we ate. It was a long break and we took off mid morning. 

Bear Paws!

As we followed the ridge around these incredible flowers, maybe called bear something’s lined the trail. They look as if they belong under water, on another planet, or as lighting in a fancy restaurant. They make me happy. Fields of them grew along the trail, at one point they were so high they reached over our waists and hundreds of large drangon flys circled above us. It was very cool. 

The pines were all Dr Seaus like, hairy and fluffy, animated in their formation. We wove around the ridge in and out of pines and through fields of flowers. Sometimes all the one species, sometimes the landscape awash with all kinds of species blanketing the ground. Sometimes they are very low lying almost scraping themselves along he soil and other times we walked through corridors of lushness. I’ve been talking about this for days, but it never seems to grow old. We could see Mt Shasta still, not clearly, there is lots of haze. Toward the end of the day we came across some trail magic. Warm, diet sodas and some plastic chairs to enjoy the view. There was quite a bit of water and lots of camp sites to choose from. I am relieved to be once again feeling happy on trail and that my feet are sorting themselves out. 

Trail magic rest spot

There are lots of tiny streams crossing the trail, we filtered water and walked another 1.3 miles to a make shift tent site in the pines. Ollie made a fire and we are now in bed. The wind has picked up and there is lightening in the distance.

Enjoying the vista, note the phallic cloud

Filtering water among wildflowers

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