NOBO Day 105 m to Callahans/Ashland 13 kms

Wake up, pack up tent, put things in pack, put pack on, walk. Morning routine is same, same but different every day expect today we woke up in Oregon, and by breakfast would be in Ashland and ready for a half day off. 

We walked through some pretty parts and then hit the part of the trail where it follows the highway. We watched the sun rise over Mt Shasta, and storm clouds thundered in the distance. The colours on the horizon were a pastel palette. We listened to some music (R Kelly, and Blink 182, who else!) we could play using internet connection and hummed along the trail. The trail to Callahans Resort was sketchy and unclear, we crossed a train tracks and a highway intersection. It was a maze of roads leading every which was. Hungry and ready for coffee we breakfasted at Callahans. It was expensive, and the servings weren’t very big but sitting out in the porch with little humming birds coming in for sugar water was lovely.

Afterward we took roadside and eventually got a hitch off another hikers boyfriend who had come to visit her from Portland. I booked a motel way too out of town so we cancelled that and are staying at the Manor Motel. 

It’s very cute and we got an upgrade with a kitchen. Our friends Neck Tie and Frenchie have come over also. I bought supplies to cook a veggie filled dinner and we ate setting off for to go to the movies in a short while!


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