Day 106 – Klum Creek to Fish Lake – 36km

Another state another volcano. We are getting excited for the lands that lie ahead although this morning I left camp in a bit of a solitary mood. We have been hiking in time with Strawberry Pop, Queso, Splint and Amethyst. We shared last nights fire and chats and were both thinking of hiking 22 miles to Fish Lake Resort today. 
After breakfast we head out of camp. I find a ballpoint pen on the trail and am totally amused because I lost the one Quiz uses to write letters. The trail provides. The profile for today looks easy, however we are all having muscular foot pain from our 5 day break. It’s 4 miles to water where we have our first break. On the way I see a coyote. It was running down the path toward me and then we both saw each other at the same time and kinda double took and then the coyote made for the forest. I wasn’t listening to music today and hiking really quietly and saw more wildlife than previous days. 
After our break we finish the last two miles of the gradual climb. And 6 miles to lunch I was out in front and caught up to Amethyst. We chatted about the music we make and time flew till lunch time. We had mentioned going to the South Brown Mtn Shelter for lunch, 100m off trail. I ate lunch there but Mushy and Quiz never showed up. Turns out we had said meet at the water for lunch. Where I soon found the other two, lunching. 

We all agreed it was a sore foot day and hit the afternoon trail tenderly. After 5 miles the landscape had changed drastically. We had been walking in lush, thick pine forest for nearly two days and now we realised we must be walking round the side of an volcano. The landscape was portioned into meadows full of solid lava flows. The magma had flown down and frozen in the most mesmerising patterns like an ocean with waves and swells. It had it all. We all feel pretty great physically apart from our feet which are in agony. The paths through the old lava flows are rocky and full of pumice stone, which you can feel straight through to the souls of your feet. This made the last 7 miles of the day a little gruelling but full of great views of up coming volcanos and interesting rock formations. 

We made it to Highway 140 by 6:15pm. It’s two miles road walk to Fish Lake. But none of us have two miles in us. We stick our thumbs out and 5 minutes later get a ride. He said we didn’t look like regular hitch hikers. Which made sense as I was wearing real tree camo. He then professed that he loved hunting and i though maybe it was the real tree that had won him over. 

We have quick dinner at the cafe and then head over to the PCT camping spot. The crew are there from this morning and we all chat and laugh around the fire. Exhausting day! 

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