NOBO Day 106

We had one of those days. One of those days where you spend the entire day running around, or at least it felt like it. Ollie woke us up at 8 am, brewed coffee and began preparing his list of resupply places and addresses. Frenchie and I chilled a little more and eventually we hitched a ride with a lady, Marcy to the cart n mart (or something like that). It’s a cheaper and more widely stocked version of the Ashland Co-op but is much further from the town centre. I did resupply up until Bend (3 food parcels including the next 4 days), Ollie has resupplied up to Washington (6 resupply). Eventually arms laden with groceries, all of the non perishable variety we waddled out to the car park. I, the opportunist chatted up a lady who would have given us a lift had she not been working, and vaguely stuck my thumbs out. Ollie, arms breaking under the weight of 3 shopping bags, one of them torn, was focussed on catching the bus. We went a very long way to get to the bus station, and then I continued to be ever hopeful, much to Ollie’s annoyance for a hitch. He remained grumpy at me for a good portion of the day and silently spent that portion organising his resupply. I had mine done quickly and hung around the motel surfing Instagram etc etc. Ollie finally sorted his food, it had taken him 3 hours. He was pretty stressed. He has sent parcels because resupply through Oregon isn’t very reliable. We got a lift from the motel manager to the post office, made up, posted our stuff and had a giggle. Wandering the streets of Ashland I picked up some new darn tough socks and Ollie replaced his hat. He left the last one in Etna. We caught the bus to the UPS office to send a final resupply, caught the bus back to the motel then caught it again to our trail angels house. We didn’t arrive until almost 7. I made us salad and we are resting up ready to leave early tomorrow morning. 


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