Day 109 – Jack’s Spring to Mazama Village, 20kms

Like all days after a near marathon, our bodies and hearts did not want to get out of bed this morning, I (Quiz) think partly because I was sleeping so deeply it took me longer to wake up. Also I knew, even while asleep that we were out of coffee. To compensate I ate a cliff (energy) bar for breakfast with added caffeine in a beautiful meadow full of purple bell shaped flowers. Like a set in a play it was picturesque but slightly eerie as the air is full of smoke from 2 fires to the south (I checked on the Internet when we got service and it’s ok mum, they are both contained).

We only had a half day to walk today but my motivation and that of the whole group was sluggish and we took breaks probably too regularly. I finally got into stride in the last 5 miles and from there powered along. It probably also helped that we had made it out of the burn and into beautiful clear old forest with far fewer blow downs or obstacles.

We made it to a small rural highway but construction work made it very tricky for cars to pull off to give us a ride so we walking in the forest alongside for 1-2 miles into town. We all marched into Annie’s Spring Restaurant stinky and dirty and managed to get a grumpy waiter who’s mood couldn’t even be improved by the ever charming Amethyst. The burger was pretty good but the vibe a 0.

The next 2 hours were pretty shitty and out usual good luck backflipped. PC/Turkey D and I had our microspikes to pick up from the post office 8 miles up the road to crater lake. According to a phone call the man in the gift shop made on my behalf (there is no service in the valley) the post office shut at 3 so we hit the road and stuck out our thumbs. We stood there for 1.5 hrs in the hot sun with no luck, many hostile stares and very few friendly waves. There was heaps of traffic but to be fair many of the cars were full. We gave up at 10 to 3, tomorrow is a Saturday and as per previous convo the PO was closed. We walked back to Mazama Village store to pick up our resupply and it wasn’t there, nor was Mushy’s! What is going on!? With no reception it’s impossible to check tracking numbers for the packages. What’s more 2 other hikers had been to the rim and back while we had been trying to hitch waiting no longer than 10 min for a ride. We really must look like toads after so much time bush. Seeing our frustration Amethyst immediately gave us a massage and Jupiter, another hiker, gave us a beer. With a little TLC our moods increased dramatically and we brought more beer and Cheetos and returned to camp for a party. Someone lit the fire and others cooked hot dogs to be eaten in tortillas and after dark we formed a massage train 9 people long! It was fun, Amethyst declared Medic her trail dad and we managed to meet the entire new bubble we have joined. Tomorrow we get to see Crater Lake!!!

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