Day 110 – Crater Lake – 5-10km

Today has had its ups and downs. We woke up and met everyone at the shop to catch the trolley up the crater. We are all excited but slightly dampened by the fact that that our re-supply package didn’t arrive. I go into the shop and buy and 85cents moon pie, just to see what the next 4 days will taste like. Pretty bland but marshmellowy! 

Trolly trip

Views from the road

We catch the trolley up all goofy like school kids at the back of the bus. We are going to packlessly explore crater lake for the day. At the top we um and ahh at the lake. We go to the chalet for breakfast. It’s very fancy with large stone walls and airy rooms with comfy couches. We sit in the dining room and enjoy coffee and scrambled eggs with smoked Oregon salmon. I sit opposite Medic, a really fast walking electrician from Switzerland! He shows me his family and photos from his hometown in the mountains of Switzerland, it looks amazing. Then at the end of the meal Medic shouts everyone breakfast, saying that he was going to rent a room but stayed in the free campground instead. What a lovely guy! 

Breakfast at the chalet

After breakfast we try to plan the day. Mushy and I want to climb Mount Garlfield but I have to be at the post office by 3 to get the micro-spikes. Quiz does the rim trail because she might take the alternate tomorrow to dodge the snow on the north face of the rim. We go our separate ways rather anxiously. Mushy and I walk up Mt Garfield enjoying views of the crater, Pirate Rock and Wizard Island. Snow 3/4 of the way up has caused a trail closure and stop us from summiting. We also notice the atmosphere getting smokier. Looking out south from where we have come from we see at least 2 bushfires east and west of the trail. Back down I sit in the chalet on the wifi for a bit but can’t concentrate on what I need to do because I’m nervous about hitching to the post office, I didn’t realise it was illegal in National Parks and I look all weird and dirty in my hiking clothes. Amethyst helps me out by going around to lots of cars in the parking lot and chatting with folks. It’s not even an issue and I get a ride in 5 minutes with a mother and grown son from Medford. The mum was really funny and was sure that I was hitching from Mexico to Canada because there is no way you could be walking!! We joked about them pushing me out the car door, haha. At the post office they have our microspikes but they don’t have our re-supply box :-(. Looks like I’ll be eating moon pies all week. 

Mushy and Pinecone up Mt Garfield

Lake Views
In the parking lot outside the post office I loiter for a bit trying to suss out who to ask for a ride. I end up asking Ron, who looks very hiker friendly, him and his partner Judy give me a lift. They are very interested in hiking tales from the PCT. They take me all the way to the PCT camping area in the campground which is a little maze of tentsites in the forest. I’m chilling thinking about our re-supply and I hear Ron asking other hikers if anyone knows Harriet. Of course nobody knows my actual name. Ron and Judy asked Quiz and i for dinner. When Quiz got back from the rim and after re-supplying in the small shop we head over to their camp spot for dinner. 

Ron and Anne were a lovely couple from Southern Oregon and often come up to crater lake to go hiking in the summer and back country ski-ing in winter. We had deer steaks with salad and potatoes. The vegetables were from their garden and Rons friend had caught the deer. We chatted about hiking and then hit the hay. 

Dinner with Ron and Anne

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