Day 111 – Mazama Village to Diamond Lake, 30kms

In hindsight today I (Quiz) unnecessarily walked the uninspiring PCT as opposed to the Crater Lake Rim Trail to escape snow that wasn’t there. I had heard that southbounders had to cut steps on the incline and I had no desire to walk down those. Sadly the snow was a hype and according to PC/Turkey D, Mushy, Amethyst and Kaeso it was really easy. Having said all that I actually really enjoyed today’s hike on my own.
I left camp before anyone else was up and walked through the sleeping campground to the deserted car park and the start of a 1 mile road walk. I literally saw 2 cars and one other hiker. The Annie Spring track led me steeply up the join the PCT and that was all the steep climbing for the day done! I passed a group of 4 girls trying to cross a stream with huge packs, its nice to see such a young and up enthusiastically early Girl Gang on trail.
The trail crossed about 10 streams in the first 7 miles and half way through I stopped and made coffee and ate a weird breakfast bar I had brought at the shitty Mazama store. I hope someone enjoys the delicious looking granola i had packed myself in our lost food drop. Since I was alone I read my book while drinking coffee but i soon learnt when I looked at the time that this is dangerous as time slips by quickly. 

After stopping for far too long I hit the trail and crossed many more little streams, crossing in and out of burn areas. Mostly though the trail was in dry open pine forest. As the sun got higher the smoke intensity increased and sometimes I could taste the burn when I breathed in. I stopped at my last water for the day for lunch having hot footed it 14 miles, knowing the end wasn’t far off (5 miles) i lounges by Red Cone Spring for quite some time, it had a nice atmosphere.
As I approached the highway I met my second group of people for the day. I felt like I isolated myself today from my fear of snow and the trail isolated me, but it might have been just what I needed, space. I even wrote some song lyrics, something I haven’t done in a while. As my walk wasn’t particularly exciting I’ll get PC/Turkey D to give you a Crater Lake update, but in the meantime here are some photos of yesterday when I walked 6 miles of the Rim trail.

Photos from the rim

I hitched with a lovely couple who saw me and then turned around to pick me up. They gave me a beer as soon as I sat down and got really excited when I said I was going to Bend, their hometown. It didn’t come out till near the end of the way longer than I expected drive that I had been hiking for 4 months and a really long way and that got them so excited they tried to give me more beer and a joint. What nice people we are meeting!

Diamond Lake Resort is according to all the Americans a typical summer vacay location. There are paddle-ohs and a drunk old mens club being loud in one Lake corner. We were all perving on a water skier so much we made him fall in the water, but he has such skill he didn’t get his beer wet. We are now camping il/legally (we are playing it vague) by the lake and cooking hotdogs over the fire and drinking a beer. Nice 👍 

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