Day 112 – Diamond Lake to OR/WA Highpoint – 25km

Gee these mornings sure come around fast. It feels as though we are well into Oregon now, and the PCT has chartered a direct course north. Not helped by the fact that we seem to be lured off trail by every RV holiday resort in the state. This morning we woke alongside Diamond Lake and it’s RV retreat. We had camped next to the town bike path that went around the lake. 

Diamond lake from the PCT

Feeling clean from yesterday’s swimming We walked over to the resort and ate blueberry pancakes. Our plan is to loiter round the car park and try to get a hitch back to the trail. It was 8:00am and not much activity in the parking lot. We decide to start walking up to the highway, we get about 2 miles up and then turn around and manage to hitch back to Diamond Lake to wait for the 10am shuttle. 

After chilling, writing some post cards the shuttle drops us off at Highway 163 and we make our way north toward Mt Thielson. The group spreads out, walking at different paces through the dense flat forest. The trail starts to climb and we get views east to Diamond Lake. We I get to the Mt Thielson turn off we decide at rather the last minute that we would climb Mt Thielson.

Below Mt Thielson

Rock scramble up Mt Thielson

The way up consisted of steep scrambles and crawling on hands and feet. Quiz, Mushy and I got about an hour up and turned around because of loose rocks. We got amazing views of the Summit and surrounding lakes and the hillsides were covered in butterflies. Queso and Amethyst made it to the top!

Crossing snow drifts after the climb

We ambled down the shale face slowly. When we get to the PCT we are amazed that it’s 3:30pm and we have only done 7 miles on trail. We have also all run out of water, so when we get to the next creek we have dinner and filter more water. After some discussing we decide to walk 4 miles to the PCT High Point for Or&Wa. We camp amongst some pines and snow drifts and have a little fire in some stones. 


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