Day 114 – Crescent Lake to Shelter Cove – 20km

Waking to sore feet. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy 12 miles to Shelter Cove today. Day 2 of walking on the Oregon Skyline Trail and feel underwhelmed. I found the lack of change in vegetation and elevation tedious. My feet where in a lot of pain from the big day yesterday. Pressure has built up under the callouses on the ball of my left foot and I limp across the train tracks and down the dirt road to our 3 Lake resort in Oregon. 

Diamond Peak over Crescent Lake

Mushy chilling at the RV resort

Arriving at Shelter Cove

It was lunch time. The sun was beating down and so first thing we jump in the lake. It beautiful and glassy, with hazy reflections of pine trees. The smoke in air is still considerable. Afterwards we sort our supply box, order and eat burgers and have some beers. We have been hoping to bump into Princess Layers all day, and low and behold there she was at around 4:30pm! We all celebrate by bathing together and chatting. We all end up walking back up the dirt road to camp on the side of the road. They charge $10 each at the resort and we are all cheap skates. 

Sunset on the pier


Shelter Cove Sunset

Queso getting naked for nature

2 thoughts on “Day 114 – Crescent Lake to Shelter Cove – 20km

  1. I’ve been enjoying your story and especially the pictures since we last met at Grider Creek. I was wondering if any of the pictures you took of BG and me turned out? If you get a chance I would love to see them, my email is Janis, the horses and I are currently resting at home. We plan on getting back on the trail Saturday or Sunday, leaving from the Bridge of the Gods headed north.

    Thanks and good luck! garypegg


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