Day 116 – Charlton Lake to Dumbell Lake – 35km

Today was a strange one. Most people in our now ginormous group (im not even sure how many ppl there are) had already left when I walked out. I felt like I was lagging. We had breakfast a few miles in. The walking was through burnt out forest and the fires in the area made for no views. It was feeling like a chore today, and the breaks feel like they are too short. 

Burnt ridge walking

After breakfast I realised that my real tree camo does work because I got really close to a chipmunk eating flowers. 

This chipmunk had the fluffiest cheeks Iv ever seen

For lunch we had done 16 miles. South Lake was a muddle silty messy lake but with good campsites. We were aiming for a 22 mile day to camp and Dumbell Lake. The humidity of the day was wearing off and afternoon sun was flowing through the moss dangling from trees. We passed so many lakes I couldn’t keep track. 

Various lakes along the way

Dumbell lake was particularly beautiful with a clear blue hue to the water and a white sandy bottom, it felt like a cool oasis. We camped on a peninsula going out into the lake. Swimming has definitely been the highlight over the last few days. 

Dumbell Lake

Afternoon meadow walk

Dumbell Lake


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