Day 118 – Scott Trail Junction to Big Youth Lake Camp, 29kms

Yesterday was amazing! And today was a trial. A rocky trial set for hikers millions of years ago by the ancient volcanoes surrounding us. One volcano we walked past was way shorter than the others but was surrounded by a huge lava field leading me to believe it really blew its top!


Mt Washington

We had a sleep in till 5.30am and after a bit of a slow start and no one wanting to stand up we set off to our first and only water source of the day. We hiked a few miles through lava fields with great new views to the north before we came to Matthew Lake, it was more pond size. We made coffee and had breakfast and realised we had a 15miles of hiking to water.

Coffee time with Achy Jay

Matthew Lake and Middle Sister

After camelling up we hiked on through old forest full of berries and ferns and really diverse undergrowth. We saw a heap of dayhikers with cute very well groomed pups, but I do wonder how their paws go on the sharp lava fields. I am thinking with hindsight here as little did I know that the rest of my day was about to be PAIN! And so we entered the lava fields, well we had already walked through a 2 mile one before breakfast but this one was 6 miles long. Nooooooo. Just to give you an idea, the lava sets in sharp rock jumbles which in 700mile old shoes means you feel every one! To add to our pain it was hot and shadeless out on the rocks, and the lava field ended in a burn area. 

Lava #2

Lava feat PC

Lava feat Sisters

Ok boo hoo enough whining we also walked right by Mt Washington which is a cool looking volcano and the trail wound through cute flower filled Meadows and nice unburnt forest. It would be a lie if I said I didn’t struggle today though and as I lie here in my tent my feel throb. But until I despaired the lava fields were really alien and the smoke thick in the air gave it an unearthly feel.

Mt Wellington in the burn

Our journey ended at the Big Lake Youth Camp, a 7th Day Adventist Summer Camp and a really great place to people watch all afternoon. The are super friendly and so far have not pushed any religious stuff on us. They let us use the shower and do your laundry and we had taco salad for dinner in the dining hall. It’s like mum and dad dropped us off this morning and here we are sitting with the other PCT kids not knowing how the place works and too scared to ask for fear of being smiled upon by a perfect row of teeth. It’s Sunday and the first day for many of the kids so we did witness a big welcome ceremony where Jesus was mentioned numerous times.

Amethyst and PL both have tufts of hair instead of fringes, what else do they have in common?

Camp life

After dinner we retreated to the Hiker camping beach in Cove 1. It’s an amazing camp right on the water on a black sandy beach with a great sunset and a view of some very Hudson River School (PC and Mushy’s art input here) mountains in the background. May I now soundly rest and have some sweet dreams of baby Jesus and all of his friends ~ oh I think they got me PRAISE JESUS!

Camp life # 2

View from in bed


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