Day 122 – Bend to Olallie Lake to Trooper Spring, 15kms

Annnnnnd we’re back! And by we I Quiz mean only me and Mushy. After a pretty lovely but busy and productive days in Bend it feels good to be back walking especially as we both have new blue suede shoes (Blue Altras) that are comfy and so nicely padded. But of course we miss our trail gang Princess Layers/Crystals and Pinecone/Turkey D who are both having side adventures. PC is meeting a friend in Detroit Oregon and going on a road trip to the Olympia Peninsula, she was pretty excited as she hasn’t seen her friend Loren since she lived in Boston in 2015, plus that area sounds beautiful. PL is preparing to go to the Eclipse Festival near Bend with 40 friends from Australia. That seems like a crazy festival organisation feat but sound fun. 

Local scene

We all got up early as PL who brought a car yesterday had to get it registered with the DMV. We went to our second Black Bear Diner of the trail for breakfast, they always deliver the goods! After the DMV and another trip to the PO to post Ollies resupplies we picked up Yeti and Flytrap and hit the road. PL is being a real trail angel and driving us around the fire closure to Olallie Lake which is at the end of some pretty bad pot holed roads. A few friends who left Bend in the last few days have been having a terrible time hitching so we are very lucky PL brought a car. Luxury!
We dropped PC off in Detroit, a cute tiny town by a big lake to wait for Loren to pick her up. After 4 solid months together it was sad to say goodbye, even if it is only for 5 days, but her excitement was infectious too. Mushy and PC had a goodbye double beer shotgun, it was a sight. After a bumpy drive in Mushy and I said more goodbyes to Yeti, Flytrap and PL, we might not see PL for a few weeks, but she is going to get back on trail post festival.

Double shotgun

Even though we hadn’t actually done any walking we stopped for the excellent trail magic at Olallie Lake, thanks Brokeleg and Juan! They had hot dogs, beer, fruit, salad and Jellybeans. They where also really chatty and loved that they were serving me hot dogs while i was wearing my hot dog tshirt. We finally hit the trail at 2.30 and walked through smokey forest, gently undulating with trees covered in old man beard. Mushy got a text from Queso saying they will be in Timberline lodge for their famous buffet breakfast tomorrow, so we won’t be able to catch them. But we made plans to walk big miles tomorrow to make it there a day later ourselves. 

Jude Lake

It’s been really muggy today and we have been hearing thunder all afternoon. PC took the tent we have been sharing for her and Loren and I am in Mushy’s old tent which he had to cut a hole in the floor to get in once the zipper broke. It’s a bit of a logistical feat to get into and with the storm could prove interesting. Fingers crossed for no rain on me but rain on all the fires surrounding us. Xo

Some more forest

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