Day 127 – Cascade Locks, 0kms

PC returned today, yay! I realised that Mushy and I had both missed her as we talked about her lots while she was road tripping. I slept in and I was glorious. The gang then went out to breakfast at the local diner which actually had decent wifi, so I stayed much later downloading podcasts, uploading blogs posts and drinking heaps of coffee. 

At midday PC and her buddy a Loren rolled in and we went for a walk on Thunder Island in the middle of the Colombia River. Loren brought his sketch book and did lots of drawing. I left them to loafing around after a while and walked to Shreks to do laundry and have a shower. Shrek is the local trail angel who has a shed full of everything hikers need, he also lets you camp on his property. While waiting for the laundry to finish I found out Shrek wasn’t around because he is getting married today, at his house, at 7pm. Some of the other hiker were making decorations and setting up the yard, but no one had met him. I helped out and planned on coming back for the wedding but ended up getting side tracked by drink later on. 

Next level filthy, I have already rinsed these a few times when this photo was taken

On my way home I waited in a huge line for some ice cream from Eastwind, it has huge and delicious! The small was about 15 cm tall. Back at the Marina, jobs done, I drank some beers with the gang who had befriended Kim and Tiffany from the nearest RV. Tiffany walked 800miles of the trail while Kim trail Angeled earlier this year, after injury caused Tiffany to get off trail they drove to Alaska, neato! After a few brews I went back to the store and brought more beer and everything for spaghetti bolognese. Using K and T’s cooking stuff PC and I cooked everyone dinner and chocked the sauce full of veges, it was delicious. We all got quite drunk and stayed up chatting and being roudy, it was a really fun evening!

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