Day 136 – Beusch Lake Old PCT to Dewey Lake Inlet – 32km

So last night I had my first good sleep in 5 nights. Not sure what’s going on but I’m sick of waking up at 3am and wanting get to get out of the tent. It’s a dreary morning with grey cold skies and think cloud. Woodsman Rich had invited us all to his meadow camp last night on the old PCT so we made our way back to the proper trail and began the cold morning. 
After 3.5 miles of easy walking it begins to spit with rain. The trail has been undulating through forest and meadows but not steep enough to raise our body temperatures. We all put on all our clothes and eat breakfast with hot coffee. It sucks losing all your body fat and feeling the cold like never before. 

We do 5 more easy miles to Bumping Creek before climbing Crag Mountain. The morning feels like nothing and I find myself powering up the climb. It’s steep enough in parts and has many mossy soaks and lakes on the way up. Toward the top of the climb I find myself getting painfully hungry so we agree to stop at 11:30am for an early lunch. We are at top of the mountain and the sun has just made it through the clouds to the Summit. As we sit, eat and chat we watch the clouds swirl and scurry across valley below us, revealing Crag and Buck lakes below. 

The afternoons walk was up and down through beautiful peaks and past many U shape valleys. We pass through Mr Rainier National Park for 5 miles but the cloud is too thick to see the actual mountain. At one point the sky opened and you could see the top of Mt Rainier through a peep hole, but most of it remained hidden. 

At 3:30pm we made it to Dewey Lake and Tentsite. The camp is awesome with great views and close to a small warm stream (i think it must run from a small shallow lake nearby). Ready for another good nights sleep we cook, wash and head in for early tent times. 

note: They should rename the wilderness area to Old man Wilderness area. 

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