Day 144 – Deception Lakes to Stevens Pass – 29kms

So If anything the pct has made me an unashamed fire sign. Sagittarius to be precise. We are competitive, narrow minded when it comes to being focused on a task. I woke to the reality that I would have to make the post office by in Skykomish by 3:30pm if I was going to collect my new shoes and hopefully our next re-supply. So I walked as fast as I could for 18 miles, having two short breaks for filtering water, up and over steep ridges and down into valleys. 

Glacier Peak from Piper Pass

Old ass shoes

I left camp at 5:45am on my own. It was a quick ascent up Piper Pass and over into the next sublime valley. It was difficult to pace myself at first. Morning energy and the anticipation of many miles made me feel a bit nervous. But soon the mild fatigue of climbing settled in. It was refreshing to walk in complete solitude. 

Looking back at Piper Pass

Washington always delivers spectacular horizons

The next valley there was bathed in sunlight with a beautifully sparkling lake hanging near the top. The trail then descended into alpine meadows with wooded outcrops, lakes and many little streams amongst disastrous looking rock falls. A couple of miles down, a hiker told me I only had 14 miles to the road! 4 miles down! 

Josephine Lake

The pct continued to do this 3 more times, rise up over a short but steep 1000ft climbs then to submerge you in a lush valley. The mountains got considerably less rocky and spectacular as I approached Stevens Pass. I did manage to get quite close to a Pica. They make hilarious noises that sound like squeaking dog toys, all at different pitches. 

Trail friendship 4 Eva

I hitched to Skykomish in record time, 2mins wait! I ate a burger at the Cascadia inn and collected boxes. When Quiz and Mushy arrived we decided we want to go to the Denismore’s to rest and do washing. It was great! Jerry and Cowboy, who is helping him out are both lovely and everyone who we have met on trail recently is there too. I pitch our tent under a giant elm tree and hit the hay!

Miniature train in Skykomish

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