The Lost City Day 4 – Alojamiento Wiwa to El Mamay – 12km

We woke up to rain. It normally rains from midday till about 4 or 5 in the afternoon but last night we listened to the loud spatters on our bunk house roof all night. The group was incredibly sullen, which was fair. I out on my wet clothes from yesterday and asked for a third cup on hot chocolate. Please get us the hell out of here!! 
We waited till 7 to leave because of the rain. Which meant waiting around for an hour in wet clothes under shelter. I was in a bad impatient mood, which soon wore off when the rain stopped and we started hiking. 

The first hill was red clay and pretty slippery but not too much wet sloppy mud. I had convinced myself that I had bed bugs last night, which I immediately googled when I got back to town, however I think the itching was from an accumulation of dirt and some bites from midges. Over the last hill the scenery grew increasingly agricultural again. The mud formed large, unknown in depth puddles that Quiz and I tried to skirt around but got up to our knees. We washed our legs and shoes in every stream, hoping it might be the last puddle, but alas. 

We made it back to El Mamay round 11:30am. 12km later. We were all so happy to have showers and be bundled into a van heading for town. The tour, the the rain and in the inescapable crowds had begun to feel a little like a high school excursion gone wrong. I hope to reflect better on this trip, maybe some decompression time will hopefully do the trick. The Lost City was amazing in it frozen time transporting ways, however I think we are ready to have a break from outdoor elements for now. 

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