one year on

Time is the only monopoly. The seasons come, the wind howls, the leaves turn, summer scorches the earth, and everything recreates itself again in the spring. The consistency of the cycles of the earth are perpetual and with them we all move. In a matter of days it will be one year since we embarked on our PCT journey. We have witnessed the four seasons once again. All those sunrises, all the meals eaten sitting on the earth, the aches and pains, nights sleeping under the stars, only the moon and wind to keep us company, the moments of reverie in forests, and the freedom of living simply, have engrained themselves into our souls, they make up a part of who we are. We wear the memories of the PCT like badges; it’s etched into the very fibre of our beings.
Harriet is living in Los Angeles, following her career goals and working for a landscape architect firm. Phoebe is back in Australia, nursing and making hay while the sun shines. And, I (Meg) am still on the road, currently in New Zealand and ready to report on what Autumn hiking is like in a country known for its temperamental weather conditions. Over the next little while I’ll try and update the blog with some of the things I got up too in the States and Central America. IMG_1563

4 thoughts on “one year on

  1. I followed the group all last year on the PCT (being a PCT’er myself — now I “watch” others). Good to hear from you again.


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