Kelsey Arrives

I can almost feel the tingle of a chilly wet morning on my toes; the damp condensation of the tent, and my legs working, burning, moving.

Our leave date is tomorrow. We don’t have an exact plan but that’s okay. We have time and we have ideas. Currently we have found a relocation vehicle. It’s a van with a bed. We have 5 days to get to Christchurch. We have decided to split the drive up by going to Tongarario National Park. Campsites are booked and all we need now is the food.

We are still not 100% on any section we might do. Our concerns lie mainly in bad weather and rivers. Reports are coming in of people being recently stuck in huts for three days while waiting out storms and other people have had to turn back because of impassable rivers in the Nelson/Marlborough section. We may instead head toward Geraldine and go south from there. Right now I just think we need to get out on trail and figure it out from there. Alternatively we will head to Arrowtown and walk north to Geraldine.

We headed to Piha today. A beautiful beach haven west of Auckland. Lush rolling hills and blackened sand beaches greeted us. The water is warm once again and I can swim.

2 thoughts on “Kelsey Arrives

  1. Janis and I, (Gary the horse guy from the PCT) are much enjoying your newest adventure. Beautiful pictures make me want to jump on a plane!


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