Camel’s Hump to The Cross Return – Mt Macedon Day Hike, 10kms

I (Quiz) went on a day hike with 3 pals and it was magic. Ali, EJ and I have been in a nerdy witch gang for years, we have played in a band together and recently made bath bombs together combining the natural powers of baths, essential oils, crafts and good snacks in a self love cauldron. Today we wanted to to make the most of the last hot days of Autumn, we wanted to find some fairies and mushroom circles, we wanted to go hiking.

Mt Macedon is an hours drive from Melbourne and covered in lush mossy wet forest. Beki was recruited to the gang and we all drove excitedly out of town and wound down the windows as we started to drive up the mountain, soaking up the fresh earthen smelling air. It has been too long for all of us between sniffs.

We left from Camel’s Hump Carpark and headed west along a foot track. The sun was out and we all dumped half the clothes we had brought in the boot – it was such a beautiful day! The track undulated through well established forest just shy of the ridge line, there were heaps of other groups out and pups everywhere. We split into two groups of two chatting and sometimes walking in silence listening to the birds and other forest sounds. There were heaps of hollow trunked trees and we pointed some out that we thought would be good homes for each other, depending on personal attributes. Ali is very tall and wonky so her home was a long ‘S’ shaped hollow.

I was convinced the forest fairies were leaving us signs to the biggest magic mushroom field of all time. First they left bark perfectly bent into a triangle, a few minutes later three yellow flowers in a row, followed by a broken tree trunk that was shaped like an arrow pointing us towards a particularly dense strand of trees. Eventually we followed the fairy signs off the track a little way into the dappled shade of a wattle grove, their trunks were red from some form of lichen and the light seemed red as well. I love that picnics with adults means that everyone packs amazing food and we dined like queens on goats cheese, broccoli stalk pesto, chipotle hummus and fennel pretzels.

The sun went behind a big cloud and we all go cold, forcing us out of our post picnic fairy induced stupor and back to the trail. We hiked for another 30 minutes and the terrain gradually became far more rocky. The forest opened up and the trail catapulted us onto the top of a steep hillside with excellent views of farmland and the Wombat State Forest in the distance. We hung out here for quite some time.

We had now entered the super popular part of Mt Macedon near the Cross and the Tearooms. You can drive your car here and the area was swarming with international tourists and day trippers. The paved path to the cross was hectic after the bush path but had the best smelling bush of the whole trip, lemon eucalyptus! We wandered around the cross but it definitely wasn’t the highlight of the trip.

At the public toilets EJ tried to tell off a tourist who littered right in front of us! The toilets stunk and we decided to get outta there asap. As we wandered back to the car we came upon a huge old tree with such a big trunk we all had to go up and say hello. We also adventured off the track into a creepy pine grove at dusk, our footsteps muffled on the springy pine needle floor. What an excellent adventure!

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