about us

The PCT Girl Gang is made up of Phoebe and Harriet Robertson and Meg Wettenhall. They are all originally from are from Melbourne, Australia and all have a love for the bush, ecology and above all adventure.goats

Harriet/Pinecone/Turkey D

Harriet is a trained landscape architect and loves the Australian bush for its extreme climate and adaptive flora and fauna. A bit of a clown about town, Harriet loves a good laugh and keeps the group spirits high with absurd off topic remarks. Harriet is in it for the ride and wants to see how many good times she can milk from most situations.


Phoebe works in nursing and is the ultimate fearless adventurer, previously embarking on long distance and solo hiking. Phoebe is also involved in creatives scenes within Melbourne, playing in multiple bands, making zines and preparing fabulous dinner parties/house shows. With the most experience, Phoebe is often consulted as the stoic and informed hiking ‘guru’, bringing up the rear of the sindicate with a meditated confidence and assurance. Currently living in Melbourne Phoebe is busy planning trips close to home to be able to get out hiking as much as possible.

Meg/Princess Layers/crystals

Meg is a gonna be psychologist. She is a peace and at home when in nature. And loves to move with the rhythms and cycles of the earth. Growing up on both urban and rural environments, Meg has an ease and comfort in all aspects of hiking. Everyday Meg takes the lead with a positive stride and a mind for problem solving and spontaneity. She doesn’t like getting cold, and she is hoping never to eat instant cous cous again.

Guest Contributors


Mushy, aka Mush-dog, aka Peter is an artist, graphic designer and all round excellent hiking pal. His favourite colours are lime green, tangerine and purple and Mushy knows the names of many wild flowers of these colours. He has taken to embroidery and making friendship bracelets as his UL (ultralight) on-trail projects. He is also currently designing a tattoo for the PCT Girl-Gang and co-conspirators to get to commemorate the hike. Thanks for joining the gang Mushy, honorary member and blog contributor.


Ollie aka Bruce, is an English lad. He is a perfectionist about how his tent is packed up, and loves to eat whatever he can get his hands on. Ollie was a noob to hiking before the PCT but has fallen in love with the outdoors, the spirit of adventure and the freedom of hiking. Ollie’s aiming for a negative base weight so keep your eyes peeled on other thru hikes around the world for this string bean who has all the latest on UL gear.


Kelsey is a tree planter. When asked about what kind of hiking shoes she had, she replied that she had a pair of Blundstone boots…..She now has some fancy Scarpa so everyone can calm down. If your lucky she might skin you a few wild and wacky tales of her time. She is a happy go lucky kinda gal, who is excited to find out what trail like is all about and share her experience with everyone. She will be doing then Te Araroa with Meg in New Zealand.